Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Factory of Empyrean Tulips

Spring with its beautiful growth of vegetation not only brings warmth and comfort to the eye but also generates a sense of peace and joy.

Tulips are symbolic of Spring, the light pink flower is draped with soaking light from the sun that envelopes down through is green leaves. Below are some pink tulips with a calm blue sky and sun on the far left entering the scene.

The word tulip has it origins from Turkey where it was originally called 'Turbend' meaning turban. It is North African and Europe and Asia, it has a genus coming from the bulbous background of the lily. A herbaceous flower with over 3000 different varieties, from early history it was a symbol of the Ottoman empire who were first to cultivate it.

The tulip family extends through North Africa, Greece, Turkey, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan.The area of greatest variance lies in Pamir, Hindu Kush and Tien Shah mountains which lay in south east Asia countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

A white peony shrouded in the midst of friendly daisy's.

 The veins of a simple green leaf extending through its sides appears like a tree within itself.

An energetic pink Oriental Lily, with beautiful blending pale white and pink streams of watery paint that flow towards the nucleus of its core.

A lone white tulip in repose.

 Glistening white peonies.

 A purple Gerbera flower with a yellow core.

Lilium with it stigma in the middle, outer orange stamens and white drooping tepals.

Spectacular close shot of Lilium tepal.

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