Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Anemone of June

Anemone Hupehensis

Anemone Hupehensis, also known as the Japanese anemone is a summer time flower. It's characteristics are large rosy pink petals with yellow stamens. Anemone usually have 4 or 5 petals, length of 80 cm and have a medium growth rate. It is one of the earliest summer-flowering species. It produces in large masses of deep pink petals from June to September. The leaves are dark green and bring an interesting texture and appearance to the garden.

Enclosed stamens of the Anemone.

Large number of Anemone are present.

Anemone with 4 petals.

Anemone with a backdrop of a beautiful blue sky.

Light pink veins of an artists brush infused with pale white.

Bright yellow stamen.

Flesh like pink petal.

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